Even though Donna & Bhavin worked for the same company, they never met.  They worked in separate offices so their paths never crossed.  It wasn’t until a weekend trip with friends that they finally would lay eyes on each other.  They bonded by complaining about their exes.  After the weekend trip had concluded Bhavin called Donna when she got home just to check in.  He wanted to make sure she made it home safely, fed her cat, etc.  Donna was shocked and pleased with how considerate he was.  She immediately called her friends to ask if he was always this nice.  They said…no.

After a proposal in their first house together in Texas, they chose the wine country of the Pacific Northwest to have their wedding.  Their love for each other is perhaps the only thing that surpasses their love for Oregon wine.  With friends coming from all over the country and family coming from India, they were looking to give them an unforgettable experience. I think they achieved that.