In the Pacific Northwest, there is always a chance of rain.  This is obviously the kind of thing that can make outdoor weddings a bit of a scary proposition. Nestled up amongst the trees in the forest, overlooking the Columbia Gorge, Nynke and Logan risked the rain, and came away as lucky as can be.  The day before it rained, leaving the ground muddy, but walkable.  Then the entire wedding party and the guests waited with baited breath as the hour of the ceremony approached.  The sky was grey and foreboding, but as the ceremony started, the rain held.  As they wrapped up their vows it sprinkled, but nothing too bad.

That’s when it came. The downpour.  As the toasts were being given the sky ripped open, making it hard to even heard the toasts.  Luckily they reception area was under a tent. And that is when the most gorgeous sun you can imagine broke through the grey wall of clouds.  The rain continued like a fine haze to sprinkle and the sun reached its fingers across the grounds.  It was stunning.

Nynke and Logan wanted to be married outdoors,  in nature and with a beautiful sunset.  So nature obliged.