You know this world is pretty crazy sometimes (can I get an Amen! on that one).  But in our line of work we get to see how amazing it can be when two random people can find each other amongst the crazy, busy and sometimes impossible world. Jessica & Andrew did just that. Jessica is a native Oregonian.  Andrew is from South Africa.  Jessica lives in Portland.  Andrew lives in London.  So how in the world did these two people cross paths??  A business trip brought the two to Dubai.  It was there that Andrew became smitten with Jessica in a cobalt blue dress.  After months of texts, phone calls and FaceTime, Andrew finally asked Jessica if she was “his girl.” These two have such dedication to each other with much of their relationship being thousands and thousands of miles apart.  Ian and I couldn’t help but admire the strength that these two have.  So dedicated.  So strong.  So perfect.