“It is difficult to find the right words to express our enthusiasm for Megan, Ian, and their incredible work.  Megan and Ian are not videographers….they are artists.  Until watching one of Couture Motion’s highlight films, videography wasn’t something we had even considered.  After watching what they captured from our day, we wonder why it wasn’t the first. Their work speaks for itself…We agree that it was the best decision we made with regard to our big day!!!!”

Gabby & Phil Lopez


“Couture Motion is 100%, the icing on the cake. The husband/wife duo, Megan and Ian, are absolutely incredible in every level of professionalism, creativity, work ethic, and on the pure human level. They will comfortably, efficiently, and discreetly capture the moments which make your wedding day, ‘your’ wedding. But more than that, it’s the stories you share and the mannor which they blend everything together to paint a film which is so much more than the average highlight real; rather, it is an orchestrated journey of your relationship, the quality of which I’ve never seen in anyone else’s work.”





“My (new) husband and I (eeek!) could never say enough about how excellent our day was captured by Couture Motion. After viewing our highlight film, it was amazing to see just how many details they captured, so many moments that I would not have remembered had it not been on film, yet it all came together to completely encapsulate the entire day. Everyone who has seen it, which is quite alot seeing as my family was blown away and sent it to every work colleague and neighboor, said they were lead to tears and that it was the best “wedding video” they had ever seen. Our best decision was having our wedding filmed by Couture Motion, I cannot recommend them high enough. It is impossible to be disappointed with their work and we are so grateful to have had our wedding forever captured by their unique, yet classic and timeless, talents.”

Meagan & Arron Craggs

“There is so much to say about the wedding day.  Words can’t even describe it really. . . and somehow, just somehow, our film can.   And that, right there, is what makes it the single best decision we made regarding our wedding day.  We’ve heard stories of friends of friends watching it, and crying along with us during our vows.  It means the world to us that we have it.  It’s priceless.  It’s everything.  Just last week, Jamison and I watched it again together, crying and crying as if we were re-living the day all over again.  Cause every time we see it, we are.”

Jacqueline & Jamison Haase


“This is truly amazing! I love how you caught such special moments and pieced them together for the highlight. I am obsessed.  I can’t stop watching it and I cry every time. It brings me back to the happiest day of my life!  THANK YOU!”

Francine & Jonathan Rykman



“Working with Megan & Ian was such a treat. They are an amazing team and very professional. We were blessed to work with them in two projects. We had them at our wedding and we were so happy with their work that we hired them to film a Life Story that has been a dream of mine. The many details that they see and film and the angles they use are phenomenal. They are very detailed oriented and come to the events very prepared in getting those very priceless moments!!  Ian and Megan, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We are so happy with the video and the experiences that we had with both of you. We could not have asked for a better video, or for two better people to make it for us.”

Tamera & Matthew Haase


“These guys are amazing. From the moment we met them (and we didn’t meet them until the day-of!), we instantly felt comfortable around them. Believe them when they say that they’re “flies on the wall.” Most of our guests didn’t even realize that they were being filmed. They are quiet and unobtrusive and really let the moments speak for themselves.  I was actually the one who wanted the wedding filmed and my husband was really on the fence (leaning towards “no”) about it. After he watched our highlight film though, teary-eyed, he said that it was the best investment we made.”

Lily & Ethan Windschitl






“This is amazing! Joe and I watched it together. Of course I started crying! Ahhhhh! You and Ian are both so talented. I’m sooooo grateful we hired you guys as I will treasure this always!”

Maggie & Joe Werner






“Patrick and I absolutely love the film. We were so lucky to work with Megan and Ian. We had a blast! They were awesome to work with and it was so fun to get to know them.”

Nicole & Patrick Woodard






“Thank you Megan and Ian, you have totally blown us away, and TRULY captured the feel of our big day from start to finish!”

Tracy & Matt Carrigan