Michelle & Jimmy had an impeccably planned wedding day.  Though after hearing the story of their proposal we aren’t the least bit surprised.  Jimmy went into epic amounts of planning.  He rehearsed the day before with all the important parties involved, sent a powerpoint to the family complete with FAQs and a map & legend of the Venice area.  Nothing was going to wrong for this proposal.  With the guise of celebrating his sister’s birthday they enjoyed a walk on the beach.  Even though she wanted to go up on the boardwalk, because Jimmy was edging her more and more into the ocean where her feet were getting wet, they stayed on the beach.  Jimmy started to gaze into Michelle’s eyes and her first thought was, “what’s wrong with him?!”  But once she saw his sister and another friend holding cameras and recording the moment, she knew what was happening and started crying.  After she said yes, Jimmy pointed up to the pier.  It was then that Michelle saw a huge sign saying “Congratulations!” and their entire family up there cheering.  Nothing could be more perfect!

Special note: Big shout out to Craig at Watertown Films who helped us film this one.