Tim & Lacey’s wedding venue was like no other. We were so excited when we had our initial meeting with them and they told us that they were getting married in front of the dueling dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  Mark that one as a first for us!  The whole night it felt like we were in the movie “Night at the Museum” and Ben Stiller was going to round the corner with a little Owen Wilson as Jedediah Smith.  It was such an honor to make the trip from our home in Portland down to film Tim & Lacey’s day.  They took our advice so well.  They breathed in the day and let every moment sink in.  During their first look Tim said, “This is going to be an awesome day.”  He couldn’t have been more right.

Side note:  An additional little fun fact from this wedding.  Unbeknownst to Tim & Lacey, or anyone else at the wedding, Ian and I both had the stomach flu this day.  Our poor daughter had it the day before and we couldn’t escape it.  The nature of weddings is that this is a once in a lifetime moment for this couple.  They only get one shot on this day.  So there’s no really “calling in sick” for us.  If we can stand, we will film.  And if we can’t stand, then we will put a chair behind a tripod and film.  We willed ourselves to get through this day.  Super proud of ourselves for being able to create this film under such challenging circumstances.