Usually I write a little about the couple, but for this post I’m gonna do something a little different.  I want to talk about my favorite moment of the day.  Right as Mark begins to repeat after the officiant he is caught for a moment… and that moment for me was amazing.  It was this beat where Mark just came to experience the depth of this very moment.  The moment he was committing forever to the woman he loved.  Its these moments that I love as a filmmaker.  Its a moment that so easily be missed when you are there in real time.  Its also a moment that cannot translate in photos, because its about the time he takes to feel the experience.  Its something that surfaces only in the editing of the film.  This moment is what makes a day like this special, because it reveals the experience that our couples are having.  Because in that moment, you understand what this moment means to Mark… and how he feels about Holly.  It was an awesome day for everyone involved, and this moment is the perfect illustration.