We had a blast filming Hailey & Kyle’s Love Story.  Hearing about how these two met and the first date that followed, who could have guessed that these two would even like each other, let alone get married.  Thank goodness that “something magical happened” while they waited for their Mexican food on their first date because the wedding event that followed was nothing short of breathtaking.  Ian and I were so thrilled and honored to travel down to Beverly Hills to film Hailey & Kyle’s wedding held at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.  The details of this wedding were unbelievable.  (Huge shout out to Alicia of Details, Details on this one.)  But the most important detail was the spark between Hailey & Kyle.  It is undeniable.  Even though in their Love Story they described themselves as “opposites attract,” I think Kyle had it right.  “We fit together like two peas in a pod.  We’re just opposites attract to get there.”  Gorgeous wedding.  Gorgeous couple.  Gorgeous love.