We are beyond excited to see Ian & Melissa’s Miramonte Wedding featured over on Style Unveiled.  We have been a fans of Style Unveiled for a while now and have been so eager to be a part of such an elite group of wedding professionals that are featured on that blog.  But never in my wildest dreams did we think that our photography would be featured there!  We provide photography to very close friends and family.  (Melissa, if you don’t recall, is a good friend of mine from my acting years.)  We don’t do it for everyone, so it’s such a delight to see that work featured!  Thanks again to Heather Hoesch of LVL Events for all the work you have done on Melissa & Ian’s wedding.  Please scroll through these images and, most importantly, read about what Melissa had to say about her wedding.  My favorite part, you ask?  Her words on Couture Motion of course!

“I’m not the kind of girl who fantasized about her wedding, but before I met my groom, I knew I wanted Couture Motion to film my wedding.  Ian (the OTHER Ian) and Megan are friends of mine and I’ve followed their wedding blog and always cry at every video.  Their work is cinematic art.  Choosing Couture Motion was the easiest decision we made.  I thought having friends take photos and video would make me more comfortable because I knew them, but I never noticed them around.  When we viewed our 5 minute highlight/movie trailer, I had no idea they were around and they captured so many special moments.  They have a gift for being invisible and yet being around for every moment.”