In the wedding industry, professionals love to get published online and in print.  It’s definitely a validating experience to see your work picked up by magazines and blogs.  There are a couple publications and blogs out there that are held on a pedestal.  Martha Stewart Weddings happens to be one of them.  So we are beyond ecstatic to announce that a film we made has been published over on Martha Stewart Weddings website.

A couple years ago we were approached to make a film about the design and creation of a wedding dress.  But not just any wedding dress.  This dress was being designed and created by the talented Kirstie Kelly. The dresses that Kirstie Kelly designs are so whimsical, romantic, and downright gorgeous.  Now you might wonder who this wedding dress was being designed for.  We were so excited to find out that it was to be worn by Summer Watkins, the stylist and wedding blogger behind Grey Likes Weddings.  We love when we get to do something new and make a film we’ve never made before.  This behind-the-scenes look felt like it was right out of Project Runway.  We were so intrigued by this creative process and ate it up!  We have been waiting (literally) years to share this film with you all!  Without further ado…

(And check out the feature on Martha Stewart Weddings below.)