Ian and I were very excited when Bakersfield Life Magazine called us to do an article about our business.  We grew up in Bakersfield and also started our business there, so it seams fitting.  Each year Bakersfield Life dedicates a part of their edition to weddings.  They cover everything from wedding planning to catering.  From photo booths to real couples’ wedding proposals (including our clients Kristen & Ross who are getting married later this year).  We were lucky enough to be a featured business!  (And it’s even more exciting, as this is our first publication to feature our own photos!)  This article is all about our business and our philosophy behind wedding films.  This is a fantastic article about what we do was written by Gene Garaygordobil, I’ve posted it below in case you wanted to read up on us.  And of course, some images of the article in print! Flip through the gallery and enjoy!

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Watching a wedding film from Couture Motion takes you away from whatever you were doing just moments before, and pulls you into the emotion and experiences shared by the happy couple on-screen.
To say it’s like no other wedding video you’ve ever seen is an understatement. The highlight film is more like an extended Hollywood feature film trailer, leaving you wanting to run out to watch the entire motion picture.
And that’s exactly what Megan and Ian Swanson want you to feel. They recreate the wedding day for not only the couple, but for everyone who watches. The film serves to tell the journey the couple went through, including the love story leading up to that special day, as well as moments of the wedding itself.
Megan and Ian have a very interesting story, themselves.  They met as high schoolers acting in community theater in Bakersfield, despite the fact Megan went to school at Stock- dale High, and Ian attended West High.
Both attended Cal State Fullerton, where Megan got her bachelor’s in fine arts in musical theater, and Ian received his bachelor’s degree in directing. Then, Ian went on to Columbia University in New York where he received his master’s in film. Meanwhile, Megan was acting on a national tour.
While both lived in New York City, Megan developed a love of photography, and Ian followed his passion for filmmaking. During that time, Ian landed a job filming a wedding.
“I thought it was an interesting way to create art, while providing value for people,” he said.
Soon, the couple began to film together, finding it a good way to merge their passions.
“We create pieces of art that matter to people,” Ian said, sitting at his desk in his downtown Bakersfield office.  “We sought to create a film for each couple, really to recreate the experience for them, while telling the story the couple went through, and allowing them to relive it,” he said.
They are quick to point out they are not videographers.  “We consider ourselves filmmakers,” Megan said.  Ian said they treat each job as if they are creating a film.
Wedding films should be watched and cherished for years to come. The wedding films they create do just that.
In addition to the highlight and feature films, they also offer other films to add to your collection such as the love story, the interview featurette, the full ceremony fea- turette, save the date films, thank you films and many more.
“One of our most popular and signature film elements are our interviews,” Megan said. “We sit the couple down individually and interview them about their relationship milestones. With these memorable stories of how the couple met, fell in love, and got engaged, we interweave the interviews with the material we film on the wedding day, in order to provide a prologue of sorts to the wedding films.”
“We also offer a love story, which is a more elaborate set of interviews intermixed with footage of the couple enjoying a slice of life Saturday together,” she said. “This love story is filmed and delivered before the wedding and often shown during the rehearsal dinner or right before the couple’s grand entrance. That way, you can get everyone invested in the couple’s special day,” Megan said.
The Swansons only do 15 to 20 wedding films a year, because sometimes the relationship with their clients can last for a year or more. And 90 percent of the time, it’s just the two of them who will be filming a wedding, although sometimes a third shooter is involved.
Their clientele ranges from small intimate weddings to huge affairs, such as one the couple shot in New York at a private estate castle.
“We go all over the place, and do all levels of events,” Megan said. “We stylize to each couple.”
When the Swansons started their business in October 2009, they started to focus on weddings, but have also done small family documentaries, and have slowly broadened out to other things, Ian said.
Although they moved back to Bakersfield to launch their business, Ian said as far as clientele goes, it’s not strictly Bakersfield.
“We just did one in Mexico,” he said. The couple has filmed many in Central California, New York City and even Minneapolis. As a matter of fact, Couture Motion did only one wedding in Bakersfield in 2011.
Couture Motion also offers wedding photography.
“We have hybrid packages for our clients, so that they can get photos and video from our company,” Megan said. “It has become increasingly more popular with our clients.”
Despite their feature-film caliber wedding films, the couple actually has a low-key, style blend of documentary and narrative film.
“Our main focus is the experience,” Megan said. “We don’t want to get in the way of the couple on that special day.
“We don’t carry a whole bunch of equipment and lights,” she said. “And sometimes, they actually forget we are there.”
Megan said they are not limited to weddings, and will basically do any kind of film.
“We recently went out to South Dakota to film a family that just began saying, “I love you,” to each other. Apparently, they had never said it before.”
Those kinds of stories make it necessary for the Swansons to become intimate with their clients.


In the midst of the holiday season we decided to do something crazy.  Between Christmas shopping, filming a love story in Tahoe, spending time with visiting family, arranging a family photoshoot with said visiting family, wrapping presents, prepping a move to LA, and some various elements of life…Ian and I decided that why not add a Couture Motion photoshoot onto that pile of madness!  I mean why not right?  So that’s what we did.  We left a family vacation a day early so that we could do this photoshoot the day before we moved to LA.  We thought we were crazy and even as I was curling my hair I contemplated postponing until we had more time to prep.  But I am SO glad that we didn’t!

We met Ginnie McMillian, of Roots Photography, and her husband Carson in a dingy alley in Bakersfield right before the new year.  I have known Ginnie for many many years.  More than I’m sure both of us would like to admit.  It was so great to have her take our photos.  We were absolutely confident that even if we weren’t prepared for this shoot, she would most definitely be.  She has a great eye and she made us feel so comfortable!  We are so used to being behind the camera that we were nervous to be where our clients usually are, in front of the camera.  But we felt like we were simply hanging out with Ginnie and Carson.  The photoshoot was so fun!

For the photoshoot, we had an idea of throwing popcorn at the camera, maybe incorporating some film and our CM anthropologie letters we have in our office, and utilizing our theatre chairs that we refurbished.  Beyond that we didn’t have much.  That’s where Ginnie & Carson totally came through!  They brought their awesome popcorn machine and vintage film reel.  And with those additions, Viola!  We were having our own little stylized shoot in a dingy alley.  Ian and I are so happy with these images!  A huge thanks to Roots Photography!!

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It has been a crazy year (both for the business and our life).  Ian and I were in the midst of one of our busiest months this year when he woke me up at the crack of dawn.  (Ian is a much earlier riser than I am.)  I rolled over and said, “Why are you waking me up?!  It’s too early!”  Ian replied in a whisper, “I figured I could wake you up for this…we just received an invitation to join Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book!”  I shot straight up,  “WHAT?!  For reals?!”  And that’s when I grabbed my phone to read the invitation email.

Style Me Pretty is the end all be all of wedding blogs.  To be a part of their highly exclusive Little Black Book is a huge honor for us.  We were shocked that this happened so soon (this year being only our second full season) and we are utterly grateful that Style Me Pretty had been secretly watching our work!  Check out our listing.


A while back we woke up and found that Jackie and Jamison’s wedding film had been posted over on Brides.com.  We were thrilled.  We couldn’t be happier….or could we.  To make a long story short, after that little feature we were contacted by BRIDES Magazine about pre wedding films.  They loved Jackie & Jamison’s wedding film and then died when they saw their Interview Featurette.  So they wanted our input as filmmakers.  The article appeared online about a month ago and can be read in full HERE.  The article is awesome and we were stoked.  Even more stoked that they contacted Jackie & Jamison, who had some wonderful things to say about pre wedding films.

But we are even more excited that the article was printed in 6 of the BRIDES regional editions!  New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Maryland, and Philadelphia.  (Why we weren’t published in the Southern California edition is a mystery, but we are still thankful to be published in these regions.)  If you would like to purchase one of these regions, you can order one HERE.  On a personal note, Ian and I were taken aback to say the least.  We still consider ourselves somewhat new to the scene.  So being interviewed for this article really meant the world to us.  Wedding filmmakers rarely get published due to the product we deliver, so we are beyond honored to have our first magazine publication! We are thinking of having this framed and put in our office.  What do you think?

Check out the article in print!!!


Giddy.  I think the proper word is giddy.  When I saw that Jayme & Mitchell’s Backyard Wedding was published over on Grey Likes Weddings…I was giddy.  And the title was what made me giddy.  “Why a Videographer Should Be On Your Must Have List.” Because I totally believe this, and not just because I love making wedding films.  But because Ian and I did not get a wedding film.  At the time we got married the wedding videography market had nothing that was artistically where we wanted it to be.  There were no “films” yet.  But NOW THERE ARE!  And like Grey said, a lot of couples are moving videography off the “wish list” and onto the “must list.”  My favorite line you ask?  “Scrap the lobster!  We’re going for the videographer!”




Style Me Pretty is the end all be all of wedding blogs.  The Queen Bee of the blog wedding scene!  Ever since Ian and I started this business it has been a dream of mine to have a film appear on this blog.  So as you can imagine when we saw that Jonathan & Francine’s Long Branch wedding was on the front page on SMP’s Little Black Book Blog we were ecstatic…thrilled…jumping-out-of-our-seats excited!  I think Eddie, one of our interns, thought I was a little crazy…but I didn’t care.  This is SMP people!  Moving on.

Shout out to  Turn Loose the Art‘s killer photos and Adrienne over at Bespoke Affairs for her sexy South Beach design.  Ian and I absolutely LOVE Fran & Jon.  They are just the best.  If you haven’t seen their film, be sure to watch as their wedding day was full of so much fun.  Our film is at the end.  Make sure to leave some comment love…




We were beyond surprised to see this feature over on Brides.com.  I mean…BRIDES.COM!!!  Ian and I were totally shocked when we woke up on a regular old Monday and saw that Jackie + Jamison had been featured…yet again!  We had absolutely NO idea that Phillip Crook with Brides.com and BRIDES Magazine had found this film.  So needless to say, we were honored.

Another exciting bit of news.  Phillip Crook is writing an article about pre wedding films and the benefit of these films.  He emailed us the other week to ask if he could interview us on the subject because he thought our films were a perfect example of this type of service, particularly Jackie + Jamison’s film collection as well as Kendra + Justin’s Love Story.  (eeeeek!)  So of course we obliged.  The article will be on newsstands late July in many of the Local editions they publish.  So look for your copy in your region!


We are beyond excited and thrilled that Jackie + Jamison’s tear-inducing film has been featured over at Grey Likes Weddings.   If you are not familiar with this blog, I now introduce you to Grey.  “Couture Motion reader….this is Grey….Grey….this is Couture Motion reader.”  I LOVE this blog and often find myself pulling images for inspiration way beyond weddings and into home design and wardrobe.

Please take time to read Jackie’s words on her wedding.  Jackie wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to budget in a wedding film, but after some tweaking she got it done.  She has a perfect way of describing why a wedding film is so invaluable.

And while you’re at it, why not watch this goodie again.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday…