We love when couples make the day unique to them.  When they pack the day with as many personal, unique things is the best.  Tracy & Dustin did not disappoint.  Every single detail you see during this film was carefully designed and deliberately placed at the wedding.  It was amazing.  (Bonus points to Tracy and Dustin for taking time during dinner to walk around and taking a look at all the details.)  But more than the details, we love when they personalize the events.  The major moment that we are talking about was their Secret Vows.  Dustin & Tracy are pretty shy people and don’t like being the center of attention.  So saying their personally written vows in front of all of their guests was a bit overwhelming.  Instead, Tracy & Dustin opted to read their vows to each other prior to the ceremony.  Dustin didn’t want to see Tracy until she walked down the aisle, so they did this back to back, grasping their hands and hearing each others’ voices.  It was one of the coolest moments of the day.