Music Licensed from The Music Bed

Sometimes when we post a new film we like to point out something that we feel the couple did right on the day. Some moment that we want to pass along to other couples to keep in mind on their wedding day. That moment for Brett & Ashley was the getting ready portion of their day. During our final meeting with our couples we always remind them to soak up every minute of the day. From the second that you wake up that day, whether it be 5am for the brides who can’t stay asleep or 9am for the grooms trying to get as much sleep as possible in preparation for the day ahead, every minute of that day is your wedding day. Ashley & Brett were completely aware of this fact. When we arrived in Ashley’s beautiful room at the Beverly Wilshire the party was already started. Between the dance parties, the girls singing the UCLA fight song, and her friends reminding her that, “It’s all happening!”…it felt like the only thing missing was Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” playing in the background. Over in Brett’s room, his calm demeanor and infectious smile lasted the entire day. Just like Ashely and her girls, Brett and his guys were having a blast and soaking up every minute of this day. It’s pretty rare to have a groom who makes it to the reception and then spends most of his time dancing his butt off, but Brett was an exception. Brett & Ashley owned that floor.